Next extraordinary release of radiowave laboratory of Berrie Kamer and Jan Hiddink(VPRO'S De Avonden),jointly with Staalplaat in the range of legendary series"Mort aux Vaches",now-at hand of one of the Negativland participants.
After many years being fascinatedly visual art,in 1982 Don Joyce had become a participant of famous american project and producer of weekly show "Over the edge".Meanwhile,he had directed his interest to the cancel of registeredautir rights-for more artistic freedom of existing culture artifacts "We'll be right back" was created in 1994,being inspirated by endless reports from Bosnia-about massive violencecontration camps,executons,remaining ethnic genocide during WW2 and nazi.Thus,was born an idea of creation of unusual mini- work -so fundamental chronical almanac with using of original sound material those epoch,adapted,mixed and disperced by radio FM-effects.
And after all appeared 'We'll be right back" -strange soundtrack from radioprograms,sensitive retro-hits,hungarian "Czardas",nostalgie serenades of jazz bands,illustrated by archive photoes of 40es.Final-absolutely breathtaking feeling,as in old cinema,escape to the 40es-50es and experience of those time reality with renovated vividness and brightness. Only on 28" minute among all this Joyce's english discordance and ironically-provocationing sampling and loops appears fragment of dialogue on german,devastaing calm motion of american brain washing massive propaganda.This work is seemed to bemore interesiting in the case of usage of german media fragments of those time;result would be more percipible. Can be recommended to all fans of Der Blutharsch but without vividly depicted military- colored context.