Probably,Genesis P-Orridge was the pioneer of contrcultural ideology penetration by the most shocking way-through the eternal bourgeois values and massive culture,and at first, via dance music-to our liberal existence.For a long time interested in manipulations by System via media by massive consciousness ,he investigated the universal key for the using of hi-tech achievements of System vs System itself,mixing own psychodelic experiments and extreme images with available to narrow form,created by such means average art-terrorism and "burning of temple to ashes" in the souls of those which earlier were rather far from impregnable citadel of elite aesthetics of the vault.And its hard to say that society unanimously perceived presented aesthetics and immediately raised up own IQ,but there was no such am.Similar to ideology of trash-culture,the goal was dispersion and using of innumerably circulated symbols,rites and images of absolute materialism.Thus, foolish straightened songs and slogans of ad were penetrated by latent virus of ordinary everyday madness,detaily planned and realized.So, it is massive dance culture,especially from the time of "Never can say godbay"of madam Gaynor and Tony Travolta from "Saturday Night Fever",what has been progressing from year to year on the top of public media "prime time" that is considered to be a good target for realization of such aims.It will be to the point to remember the change of rhythmic dispositions of Laibach and various other projects with P-Orridge himself in chief.
It must be remarked that such way of profanation of alien aesthetics is very thin and unsteady,that's why its expected that sometimes deeply attracted artists later regenerated in this profanation,decaying and roting in this annals of this fucking mass culture.And unfortunately there are much too much examples.Here also can being noticed also any kinds of merely got lost in this conceptual labyrinths so complicated that for except "the God bless them"there is nothing to add.R.I.P.
The analogues of astonishing metamorphoses were born last time.Noise-terrorist Boyd Rice unexpectedly sculpted with melancholic goddess Rose McDowell simple-simple pop-album "Seasons in the sun",based on girl-pop-groups of 60es,spiced by nostalgia and tender love,increased the number of lovers and fans.
Not forgotten and legendary American "sound-collage music" terrorists NEGATIVLAND,released real ironic ode to "Pepsi-Cola".And finally its not better to remain what was done by punks with national images of Bamby and White ...
But for me industrial music,used either in dances,or in martini, is always slave of totalitarian ideology and cultures.Probably,it is that I was intrigued by newborn dancing pop-project of Albin Julius,frontmen of heroic Der Blutharsch,decorated by sweety either svasistki or radistki of secret anglo-american ciphered center.But there is nothing incredible for me that graphical retro-equipment and beautiful women are connected by Albin with love to alcohol and women.he always joked that it is the best and most unforeseen stimulators for his work.Also hardly foreseen.Good ideas,healthy spirit,thin irony -why not?
LA MAISON MODERNE-is four simple compositions in the rhythm of naked furious dances in the moon light,shocking and amazing simultaneoysly.Say immediately, inspite of headline,there is no here even french scent.All is doneso lightly and joyfully that will a good caution for the general creative acitivitz of DB.Dont know why but after listening it is persistently dreamed of a ghost of german techno of 70es and of disco-what a successful tribute of Kraftwerk it could be nowadays!And "Speel Suffer"from te first sound lightly but surely undrmines by sounding in the end front samples!"Welcome to paradise" collapses by the hole power of any FRONT 242 with allits springling rythm f spherical protubarances and supersound aero-turbulance,then same named "Day after day" -air landscapes,earth in the illuminator, bombers and screwing around got drunk heruvims.Best sound of atack for entreching themself !"Sea of love and hate" sounds as late Laibach in the style of disco -extra perverted and extra refined imagination will draw mad-mad-mad Ukrainian gapak .And incredibly excellent loop of melancholic barrel-organ on the code !And say me somebody,beseach you,whats is this foolish-foolish passion of musicians to the secret tracks?!?!But continue everybody to dance, to play the fool and to drink!!!!-very visual track,unexpectedly appearing as of Blondie' "Heart of glass"its even strange-there is no next secret track,hmhmhm....:):)Good,but not enough.Or not enough,but good.
So,LMM proves once more that the ways of Albin Julius humor are unforeseen.There is no few ideas -there is little beer-I have been always confirming it and am confirming now! And what you can -only to feel pity that you could never hear it in the play-list of your local radio-station.And of stuffy,but who knows.
And I?m waiting for the new surprises from WKN,which as furious strong cocktail -never know what it will be if it is mixed with something,something...And then you are stirred,oh stirred...