Cover artwork: "The fruit of god" - photo by the US dark artist John Santerineross

Interviews: Zyklon, Thorns, Necrodeath, Notre Dame, Theatres Des Vampiries, Canaan, In The Nursery, Girls Under Glass, The Candles Burning Blue, Morpheus, Joyless, Von Thronstahl, Varathron, Skyforce, Mangled, Void Of Silence, Chalice, Arise From Thorns, Semen Datura, Crowhead, L'Ahka Muza, Horrid, Em Sinfonia, Gothica, Rakoth, Ad Inferna, Thyestean Feast, Black Thorns Lodge.
Articles: Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn.
Song by song: Theatres Des Vampires ("Bloody Lunatic Asylum")
Reviews: over 400 reviews examined thoroughly
Double CD compilation: 37 bands / 150 minutes: Void Of Silence (ITA), The Candles Burning Blue (FIN), Nightside (ITA), Divine Rapture (USA), Fatal Portrait (SPA), Plan E (FIN), Camembert (ARG), Apoplexy (FRA), Elvira Madigan (SWE), Modern Funeral Art (FRA), Zeenon (NOR), Viu Drakh (GER), Void II Void (USA), Albireon (ITA), 1917 (ARG), Fuck The Facts (CAN), Necron (ITA), Tuatha De Danann (BRA), Undertakers (ITA), 3-SKS (USA), Scarve (FRA), Handful Of Hate (ITA), L'Ahka Muza (SLO), Godsize (NOR), Enforce (AUS), Serpent Eclipse (USA), Let Me Dream (FIN), Malefactor (USA), Funeral (NOR), Vexed (ITA), Morpheus (SPA), Lynch Law (TUR), *** (ITA), Ravens Over Gomorrah (USA), Absence Of Faith (USA), Disinter (USA), Lathebra (ITA).

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