What is your personal vision of XXI century world?And what is of importance for you in
processes,created in environment via sound,image,emotions and etc?And why exactly the music
was chosen as the way of creative expression?

Hmm,greatly dufficult question...its my way of expression,because there is some themes that couldnt be realized in any other way,so ,in general,music is the optimal device of thoughts,images,emotions expression and embodiement?

Is there sound for sound ,for a progress of sound structure,or something more?

Perhaps,emotional character of sound,but not sound itself,emotional aspects,because every sound can stimulate some processes in brain,giving the birth for the exprerience of the inner world. Moreover,I dont believe in creation of sound itself with abstract mathematical structure,probably. I dont care of it,and define only the emotional, personal start for your personal development.

What do you think about ancient roots of sound?Is it important ?

Its a kind odf spiritualism,i'm sure.

Does sound shange during the years of work with it?

Yes,because I accumulate the experience during the years,and obviously,its reflected to the sound,because of its possibility to stimulate and force some processes,what it couldnt do before. Years to years created furious,rich experience,and sound can reflect it. In other way,your world vision chages, being more disillusive.

What do you think of potencial spring of Bad Sector creative activity?And,next,how do you
present in general listener of Bad Sector?

Well,perhaps,some persons with a deeper visions,more then for a pure noise of energy or something else,because of varouys levels system of Bad Sector music,and among these level, consisting of noise,energy,emotions,samples,there is one,there one can see own elements of conscience,evocating some iamges in your own have own version of imaginated inner reality.

In Russia we have not so many information about about creative Italian movements.And,in
your opinion ,what is the most intersting in italian scene?

There is Amon,very good project,I think,and in more noisy,abstract stuff I prefer
Shee Retina Stimulants.

By the way,what give you a new emotions,thoughts,impression,in brief,what inspire you
in Italy?

There is a lot of places in Italy like Venezia,but the major problem-there is too many tourists,and the thousands of japanese...who can destroy the atmosphere of the place, its very frustrating unfortunately. Anyway,I think, one of the most magneting place is Pompeum,very fascinating historical place,where the power of nature,able to destroy everything,is sensible. I think its very strong feeling,and there you can see how great civilizations have to be feared of natural power.Its one of the best,transendental place

What do you think about technocratics,progress for music and human beings?

For music...the progress...I dont believe in it in sound,but probably, the major engine is instrument itself. About the progressin human civilizations,i think many centuries people thought that ohh, its a progres,a real genuine progress,but when the inevitable decay is awaited, the technological progress is illuminating,and became more underlined the progree in mind, its intellectual aspect.

Each of your releases has own soul,own inner world.and what does for you means each album?
Well,the first onewas made by very poor instruments,but nevertheless,most of people like it because of its,hmm,"freshness" probably,and after it i had more chances to work with new stuff,materials,instruments and sound had some evolution, I tried to differ a ways of its creaton,but afterwards i found more definite concept, more strict way and ifollow it now,or try to do it.


to be continued...

Igor Vaganov-Massimo Magrini


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