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Atrax Morgue started his sick activity in 1992. It was in a summer night, i was out with some boring friends, they talked about boring things and i was full-immerged outside all:

I was thinking about my project's name and then i found the name ATRAX MORGUE (note: ATRAX comes from: "Atrax Robustus" aka "Funnel Web Spider" the most dangerous/lethal spider in the world). It sounds nice and i decided for it. It was also good because it reflects my obsession for spiders and for DEATH.

The first powerelectronic record i listened was "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" by the italian sadistic project "The Sodality"mastermined by Andrea Cernotto. I was intrigued by this record: I liked it so much, than i contacted the guy behind this project and finally i decided to meet him. He was a nice guy, and we shared some interest in common: I remember he shown me an incredible collection of De Sade's books:

Another record of my first approach to powerelectronics was WHITEHOUSE's "Dedicated to Peter Kurten" ; it was shoking and at first i didn't understand it at all: But then i started to listen to others WHITEHOUSE lp's and at last i was finding myself totally into them. Ohter bands i was listen to was Genocide Organ and Brighter Death Now.

I started my first recording session in summer 1992, at a friend's home, with a friend's equipment. "In Search of Death" was recorded in a week, and i used just a keyboard, a multi effect and voice. (this is definitely the current ATRAX MORGUE equipment: analog keyboard / multi-effect).

So, obsessions has found a way to comes out. Through violent and cold analogue electronic sounds, and my own voice. I had/have a million of obsessions/manias, all around the most important: DEATH. MURDER,ISOLATION,PSYCHOSIS,PORNOGRAPHY,NECROPHILIA,PATHOLOGY,FETISHES,DISEASES, and tons of other disturbing subjects are a matter of inspiration and a way to explore human's most deepest desires and perversions.

In 1998 i started an ATRAX MORGUE side project called MORDER MACHINE; the main difference is that here i used some harsh rythms mixed with the usual analog noise and voice; i recorded the first tape "HappybirthDeath" and a second "DeathShow" that i released later on compact disc; the project has a good feedback and now i'm in the process to work on the second MORDER MACHINE CD release.

Through the years, ATRAX MORGUE have developed his style in making noise aberrations; since it was more rough and straight, now is more refined, minimal and scheming in the structure. My personal life'ss sssick experiences and my mental decay have contributed a lot in any ATRAX MORGUE release and efforts. I think that my last works shown exactly that i am become an obsessed schizophrenic-paranoid: and of course a chronic nerves sufferer.

I'm still disgusted by humans and i found them useless: like myself. The difference behind me and a human is that i have no problems to admit it. That i'm nothin than a useless still-born creature. By now, after 31 years of life on planet earth, i have reached a massive and devastating dose of nihilism and rejection about ANYthing i do. To me, the most creative act is DO NOTHING. I can just take care of my corpse, before entering inside a beautiful fresh coffin, finally DEAD.

Marco Corbelli / ATRAX MORGUE September 2001

Дискография: In Search Of Death (1993/2000, CD-R); Black Slaughter (1993); Collection In Formaldeide (1994/2000, CD-R); Necrophilac Experience/ Necrosintesi (1994/2000, CD-R); New York Ripper (1994/2000, CD-R); Woundfucker (1994/1998, CD); Basic Autopsy Procedure/ Homicidal Texture (1995/2000, CD-R); Pathophysiology (1995); Esthetik Of A Corpse (1995/2000, CD-R); Exterminate (1995/2000, CD-R); An Expression Of Psychic Masochism (1995); Catch My Agony (1995); Live+Studio Material (1996); /Extended/ Autoerotic Death (1996); Sweetly (1996); Lesion 22 (1996); Sickness Report (1996); Cut My Throat (1996, CD); split w/ Contagious Orgasm (1996); split w/ Wolf's RRRadio (1996); 195 Melrose Avenue NW2 (1996); split w/ Stabat Mors. Aminobenzolmessias (1997, LP); Slush Of A Maniac (1997, CD); Spasmosynthetics (1997); Mechanic Asphyxia/ Homicidal (1997/2000, CD-R); split w/ Deison. Down To This (1997); MORDER MACHINE. Happy Birthdeath (1998); MORDER MACHINE. Deathshow (1998, CD); Disconnected (1998, CD-R); Overcome (1999, LP); I Vizi Morbosi Di Una Giovane Infermiera (1999, CD-R); Paranoia (2000, CD); Death-Orgasm Connector (2001, CD); split w/ P.O.S.K. La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono (2002, CD-R); No More (2004, CD) etc

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