First i had opened Crib for me from the composition"40" in the "historical" compillation"The Accelerating World" of noise-label Pinch Aloaf.Crib is the solo project,formed in 1990,& consisted of one person-bass-guitarist Waldo The-Dog Faced Boy -Devin Sarno- and of his individual sound experiments,focussed on subsonics,intensive long feedback-sound scapes,synapse-exploding music,including the elements of noise ahd veiled ambient,deep.lightly evolutionizing textures of cold landscape,remaining the works of Lustmord,Paul Schutze and Thomas Koner,-but at the same time individual,woven by effects & various processes,and, like early guitar experiments of Jimmy Hendrix ,compelling the bass to talk on thr language of-relaxing out of Earth cultures and sounding like songs of ancient buddhistic temple in his surrealistic soundtrack-journey through the horror,evil,destruction and violence inmurdering,intensive ,minimalistic and sacral madness.One of the musical edition declared creatons of Crib as "music new age for the paranoich cynics","experimental laboratory for noise transformation of bass-guitarists"had called it influental "Los-Angeles Times".Crib has less in common with Michael Wott then with drone-musicians and ancient song structures of Middle East.Five compositions "She Is Church" give you a refinedly-skilful wanderung with long low resonances,meditation of looooong rumbling "mantras",-wrote magazine "Magnet"about Crib's creative activity.
The experience of joint jams & concerts with great experimentators Torston Moore(Sonic Youth),2'ev,Borbetomagus That Dog ,Kato Hideki,William Hooker & others didn't influence on his own music ,but intensified ,moreover,concentrated and developed his style of soundto the perfection of ancience up.Undergroundly meditative bass/drone-structured suites(Ankle Deep,Breath for one)natural prestine sound of burning life of oceans and planets,slowly unfolding panorama of sacral landscapes find absoluteky new contours owing to Davin Sarno and his alone but so astonishing versatile guitar.
It is his hyperurania.

Igor Vaganov.

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