Sally Doherty "Empire of Death"

What does the history tenderly cherish in the caves on the suburds of the world?
What will exist inspite of the overspread progress,artificial development,war and peace and life?
What present the reality immanent and eternal?Death.Death, on those altar is magnificently laid
the Egypt and its cultural-religious kernel,civilization,the fruits of those had been in the time
of flovering and twilight even farmed to the death.Empire of death.That is more alive that any
human beings empires.All is changing.Life begins and ends,but death doesnt know any borders,it
doesnt no time and space,thats why the Egyptian empire of death even out of ruins sighes and
gives back again and again in new embodiments,one of those is "Empire of Death" by Sally Doherty,
written as the soundtrack to the for the BBC documentary "Empire of Dearth".
And according to the rule of volnerable sound,decorated by the industrial colours- old tombs,
its treasures and alive deads-mummies,silent and flat,swell by own "ka",and out of world dust
begin torecreate in the new forms,filled up by unchangeable,by the memory and senses,by the
twilights and sun risings,by the gestures and mimics of those,old times,times,when young and
immature had been brought up by its holy ancestor,what is alive then all alives,what is eternal
and dont know prejudices.By Death.When each breath and word,step and gesture,each life and
artifact were twofaced,were simultaneously the other.It had been time of indifference between
"Me" and "Other",because each "Me" had been "My Other".
So,its a music,for which an every breathe of life secretes itself,permitting it to the own depths,which would be absorbed in the roilings of sound.
Probably naive,but sincere as the tears of the modern childbehind the old times bones work.