"I just see the upcoming Millenium like a way to out the rope with my past and start of new era.Moreover,I think the symbolic value of any translation is undoubtable,isn't it?Even more when the translation implies thousand of years.(:)I'm afraid to say the average Italian is just another human insect soiling our mother earth.Our past is dead and buried under the dust of stupidity:"


Little Italian label Eibon Records was born in the end of 1995 in Milan as continuing of individualism of creative world outlook of its God and father Mauro Berchi,of his early musical experiments in underground (Wounded Love Records Necrotomy Ras Algethi) and of his interest to dark ambient,gothic rock and metal music;in continuation of Italian cultural traditions,ended by frame of own artistic project Canaan-its sad and magical,poetical and sound melancholy,reflected in depths of start-release "Blue fire".Label, based on own musical tastes and interests,during 3 years of existence has been helping to release and investigation of big amount of new names from Italy,Finland,USA,sharing the theories of Russian composer Scrabin about close correlation of color and sound palette of musical creative activity as deepest emotional component ,hidden through the versus of works,and moreover Berchi added to it personally projected design of released,developing own glance to the music under the sign of Eibon as finished visually feeling Italian answer to Cold Meat Industry and Project,simultaneously more national and poetic.

Contact:Eibon Records,Via Folli 5,20134 Milano Italy


More info:arthenis.centrum.is/~stefanp:/issue3/interviews/eibon/eibon.htm



Debute album of side-project of Italian musician Andrea Marutti and his group Amon absorbs,as a big part of musical aesthetics of Eibon Records,created with electro-ambient underground sound of keys,in cold bloodcurdling funeral melancholy of lightly cascading minimalistic sound textures and penetrating pale magnetic light of drone-landscapes and deep frequencies-in overtures of sound of fatal winter evenings,where governs undivided philosophical relaxation out of time and space,only absorbent into depths of dark water of myphological river Styx :to live through one more inner reancarnation,inspired by spirit of last experimental work of Tarkovsky,distinguished from more progressive Egyptology -from images,famous owing to previous experiments of musician with Amon.So,very conceptual work ,recommended to all fans of Vidna Obmana,Inade,Lustmord,Raison d'etre.Greatly decorated digipack,inviting to tumble into mysterious life of deepest natural mechanism-into stone and water.Twilight Ritual,where you never know the borders of magical perfection.



"Visions of hell on my chest,Visions of desperation.They are charme.They are necrosis.They are dejecta.They are hope.Visions of hell,they are hope:"- so is represented as blooding scratch of disturbed soul,as anxious by alarm birds on the belfry,as crystal dark blue color of heaven,flashing as lighting in absorbing the horizon ocean of fire,as dying on the wind from one to another site of burnt house song of dark melancholic romanticism,filled by medieval history,sacral religious culture gothics and sound steps of 4AD-decadance,crammed by atmospheric guitar sound and temder hazing structures of Cocteau Twins,destroying by hard industrial symphonism in the style of In the Nursery, by Italian Ordeal.Thus -the God' judgment
(as main engine of Ordeal Gabriele S. said).Recorded in may-june of 1997,ambient-sinematics of "Ultima Speme",devastating drone-vibrations of dead landscapes of "Opaque",dewitching instrumentary of sad suites ("As without light"),European gothics and oriental mystery of "Alle Sabbie",wonderful Italian language and drama of hollow choral action,reaching by superposition of female academic soprano of Novella Bassano and moreover brilliant design,including little poster with texts,make this work the next gift for lovers of eschatology and gothic mysteries:
Eclissi assoluto.




"Reliqnary"-is third full of value work of American musician Brett Smith,yet well known according to his enigmatic dark-ambient spheres of personal project Caul (great debute in 1995 on American Malignant with the album "Crueible",appreciated by some influent editions as one of the best experimental works of the year and- worthy continuation on Katyn Records with "The sound of faith") and lee famous guitar work with the Trust Obey.
Specialty of all Caul's albums is expressed in fact that,in spite of conceptual unity(holy places are dark places),they all are thematically different what each times enrich his creative activity with new colors of inner personal expressions. To own confession of musician,"Reliqnary"-legacing persistent Smith's interest to the deep historically-national roots of early Christian mysticism ,is one of the most melodical and simultaneously very private and religious Caul's work ,geographically "gravitating' more to the European sense of music than to American.The headlines to compositions are astonishingly poetical "Lights are the Firmanent of Heaven","Paliggenesia","Wholeness in the Cathedral of Gold","The spirit of man is the lamp of Lord","A sign is a sword of an angel:"
"Since Caul is a musical expression of my faith and my relationship with God and those are ongoing processes,I think they will continue to be the main source of inspiration for my music.Other than that,personal life experiences,good and bad,will play their part as well."Reliqnary" is much more musical with less of the ambient noise element present in my early works.It was created to sound more musical,holy royal,sorrowful and joyous".
Graceful,hollow,spinned as spiral sound,remaining steps of the rain,simple touching of keys,,creating a melody immediately after bells as soundtrack to unknown religious procession ,moving to the altar.Angels and ruins of cathedrals,translucent ceremonies and vault,monks and hidden sacrality,remaining both the works of Raison D'etre and Brian Lustmord-as sharply remarked in press-release Eibon Records,"this is a music for embraced by flame souls".

Igor Vaganov