Flux Magazine

"How to have a sex with george W.Bush?
Go to Manchester Airport, buy a ticket and get to a plane to America.When you arrve, take a taxi or cheeper stll a geryhound bus to a city called Wshington, which is where the Americams keep their government.In Washington you'll find a carge building called the White House- its well signposted- which is there george W Bush lives.its easy to go round the back and climb over the fence to get into the grounds .Make your way towards a small door which goes into a kitchen and if anyone asks you , say you are waiting for someone called Eugene who you meet where regurarly.when it seems quiet enough to go up to the stairs to the first floor and find George Bush bed room.Its got a big gold knob on the door.When you get in pick up something heavy- there are plenty of lamps etc- and whack him over the head with it.then pull down his pijamas and fuck him really hard.If you say to him :"George W, you are wicked ,you are the whore of babylon", he'll got off on it and come a bit more quickly.if thats what you want.make sure you buy a return ticket."
A big fuck from cold foggy Great Birtain, Mancheter to happy USA is given by Flux magazine,that looks like a natural born Englishman :delicate, neat,punctual and prime in some cast and pretty satyrical full of understated pumps and shifts.So,slip ahoy!

And this Flux try to reflect enough the flux of modern time: fashion, music, literature, photography and movie in all its aspects, and due to it, Flux could be called a good reccomendation book for a collaborations, because of it fixed stare not to cultural artifacts , but to its creators, how do construct a contemporary flux in GB: colour zoo, bonebox, chuck palahnuik and etc, a real myriad of Manchester cultural force, hidden beneath a fashionable amazing cover.And a top of last issue, it seems to me, a requiem - brilliant Vietnam photo session, dedicated to the killed or reported missing in Vietnam and Indochina between 1950 and 1975 photopraphers, including an extracts of ===== interview, releasing every splash of tragedy of art creation process, what if its innocently inner, what is taken from the edge between tro sides: life and dearth, smile and cry, red and blue. "There is beauty in everyting. The obligation of the photographer was to document what war did to these people. The combitation of bombing and fire and blue sky- it can make a beautiful picture and unfortunately when you get closer it becomes very, very ugly", what embodies a magazine inner stuff- to reflect a giving birth to world and its movement, contradictive, fast, beautiful and ugly.
So, worthy of a glance magazine due to at least its anglicane mature nature- trict, bichingly-ironical, doomedly nice as a flux of the world. As it must be.
Fiectere si nequeo superos Achernto movebo.