"Aldebaran" (Cold Spring, 1996)

As is well known, the esoteric rituals of worship to mighty gods for aeons were the most important part of human existance. Hidden behind the celestial luminaries, the indulge world of human awe, faith, life longings, survival and understanding of the metaphysical processes, dominated both around and in us.

In the eve of World War II a certain secret theosophical community in Germany, carrying name Vril Society, has undertake an attempt of reincarnation of power and might of ancient myths, based on statement that the whole ecumenical human spirituality (either as the race itself) take headwaterses and are inherited from the ancient constellation of Aldebaran - a black star of sacred knowledge. Really existed german logotypes of 20-ies lied then in the base for dark, noisy, perfect and doomy hymns.

"This is the beginning of the end for you and me. The black light of the Universe illuminates that internal world. Open eyes for the 68 dimensions... This is the level, where the shades of mysterious knowledge are darker than reality. Fix the traces of the past. They could have prompt you way to that light. All on one! Breath this energy! Feel this pulse of the Universe! Convene that power, that force as a part of your right! Fall and Arise! This is only dream. And this is the beginning of the end..," - many years later, in 1996 on Halloween, on the insulated, pessimistically cool and intensive sound monolith, recorded on the debut CD - released on the british label Cold Spring in the riverbed of black ambient - "Aldebaran", Rene Lehmann and Knut Enderlein - the participants of the german electronic project Inade - newly return a myth on aforementioned constellation, to draw the intensive emotional gravitation - far enough powerful, insofar not leaving the light of hope for the future, in their own insulated, carried to transcedence, electro-acoustic designs, close on the assonance to Brian Lustmord and Yen Pox.

Inade started in 1993 and several years later debuted on L.O.K.I. Foundation with an amazing cassette release - "Burning Flesh", recorded in the riverbed of "archaic music" (on own determination of chief of Drone Records and ideologues of one of the most interesting radical german projects Maeror Tri - Stefen Knappe). Later they featured on dark-industrial compilation "Seedmouth" (Cold Spring) with an exclusive track - "Gihad Khor". With this work they present arising out of nowhere womb of gloomy sub-sonic substances, abysses, a mysterious ambience, on CD length of one hour precipitating the tightly built in the strange atmospheric harmony sound scapes of post-industrial, outlive scathing vibrations of electro-statics, spreading in the echo of pulsations, rasps and drones of unseen gods, ritual-atomistic bass treatments and arising out of nowhere laryngeal ventriloquisms of vocal, hereunder complementing the oppressive claustrophobia and atmosphere of fatal despair into the most itself and oppressing space. Striking all areas of exalted flesh with a sonic infiltration and opening towards the internal turbo-static vision, some kind of the sound empire, generated by the Inade atmosphere, is skilfully cultivated in the pumped minimalism and begins to grow rapidly, improving in suppressing unclear electro-steady-state pulsations in its downfall into the physiology of space, else long after the completion of record not leaving the suppressed imagination and sensation of simplicity and commonplaces of the imperfect surround world. Impressive work!

Igor Vaganov


SCHWERTTAU  (tape, L.O.K.I.)
INADE (dbl tape, non official private edition with archive and live material, for friends only)
AXXIARM PLAINS (7" vinyl, Drone, 1995)
ALDEBARAN (CD, Cold Spring, 1996)

v/a: DOCUMENTS I (tape, L.O.K.I.)
v/a: DOCUMENTS II (tape, Nuit & Brouillard)
v/a G.A.S.K.R.I.E.G. (tape compil.including 16 unreleased tracks; special package in a video-box with booklets and inserts,

Power & Steel)
v/a: Steel Trust (tape, Power & Steel)
v/a: SEEDMOUTH (CD, Cold Spring, 1996)
v/a: NATURAL ORDER (dlp, State Art/G)

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TESCO DISCO (4xCD set, including the first Inade live concert from 1995, other three CDs by CON-DOM, GREY WOLVES, ANENZEPHALIA and SATORI)