Jonkoping, Sweden

Arcana / Raison d'Etre / The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud

It's not that rare anymore that Cold Meat Industry bands play live, but I thought I'd say something about this weekend's show anyway.

Arcana went on first. This was their very first live concert, so I got the impression that the members were a bit nervous. But their solemn medieval-inspired music worked just fine, never mind that it sometimes sounds like a carbon copy of Dead Can Dance around "Spleen and Ideal" and "Within the Realm...". I couldn't believe it when they lined up 5 people on stage, all of them doing vocals while the music was on DAT. The core of the band, Peter and Ida, did the main vocals, while three other guys did backing vocals (which unfortunately was barely audible). They concluded with their best song, "Song Of Mourning", which is on the "And Even The Wolves" sampler as well as on their own debut album.

Then Raison d'Etre played for about an hour. Peter Andersson is an engima, in that his live sound is totally different than the studio sound. On stage he's just grinding... it's harsh, heavy, LOUD, and some passages even reminded me of Daniel Menche. Oh, if you can't tell, this change is for the better imho. The sacral elements are still there, but used more sparse than on the albums. The two last songs, two semi-funky pieces, were picked from the old "Apres nous le Deluge" tape, since he's apparently going to put it out on CD sometime soon.

Finally, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud did their first ever show in Sweden, and I just wish that more people than the crowd of a mere 100 or so had been there to see it. The band members seemed to be in a much better mood than when I saw them in Mainz in April, and did a great performance though it only clocked in at around 40 minutes. I guess a few songs were new, at least I didn't recognize them, but they were definitely on par with the older favourites. I picked up the TMLHBAC - Deutsch Nepal split CD "A Night In Fear" which I can't recommend enough. 3 tracks, 30 minutes, and it's a tremendously fruitful collaboration that shows both bands from their best sides.

Later in the night followed bacchanalian activities with a great deal of CMI celebrities and various hangarounds like myself involved, and I'm pretty sure the guests from Austria were impressed by the abilities - other than musical - that certain persons sported...

Story and pic by Marten Sahlen, Sweden, specially for Achtung Baby!

(Same in russian)

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