Splinter of memory, shine upon of the rising sun, reflects a hidden beneath a heavy time emotions, signs, people, sounds-its a stone on the bottom of the motorway-its a release of Campbell Kneale and Kuwayama Kiyoharu. Its a heroic symphony ? 3, pierced all over with bullets. Its a tender waves of oceans, licking a dead legs. "What's our memory brother? Its a murder".
And a brilliant alliance of two individuals, Kneale and Kuwayama, sharply depicted a most terrible that could be for a life in European world outlook -death-and depicted its so gracefully-academic, so sharp and vivid, that after its listening probably someone will think -what's most powerful and beautiful in life-death. And thus appears a symbolism of such contradictive duet of European and Japanese, connected by the one war but from the different sides, where happiness of one is grief for other, and victory of one is a pain for his partner:where only black of European is a white of Japanese-undoubtedly.