They has released an old 7" "L'Allemagne Annee Zuro" that is their very first production, really interesting for the content and the artwork. It was a limited edition 500 copies. Then, "Aux Petits Enfants de France" (at a first time was a tape, then was printed as CD, Tesco 012) in a fantastic packing, into a boxset containing one ear of corn wrapped in a French flag, and other... It is rather noisy and industrial, based upon heavy loops put togeteher in layers... very good... These are totally sold out, even if in Europe sometimes it's still possible to find one somewhere, if one is lucky and stubborn.

Next wonderful album was behind the "Ostenbraun" project together with Death In June. "Ostenbraun" had previously been released on tape only with a nice boxset presentation. "Ostenbraun" with DIJ was in origin a double-tape work (sold-sold-out!), with interview to Douglas. The reprint by World Serpent (digipack) is a record that 'must' be present on your shelves.

To end, Les Joyaux de la Princesse published also another 7", named "Wolf Rune", with Freya Aswynn (ex Sixth Comm), during '96 (another time, a superb packing) and, recently, a 10" (picture disc) split with Muslimgauze.

Also they took part at some interesting compilations. Among the others, "Mysteria Mithrae", with a beautiful track together with Philippe Laurent. An French artist, close to Les Joyaux De La Princesse (used to be kind of "official" member"), Philippe Laurent partially produced "Ostenbraun", and, if you can find his double digipack album called "Faste Occidental", you should definitely try it...

"Die Weisse Rose" contains old and new material. It must be said that this CD is a work by LJDLP together with Regard Extreme, another interesting French band.



Die Weisse RoseThe catalog says that Die Weisse Rose was a female Anti-Nazi group of the 30s and 40s. If that's the case, the group "The White Rose" wasn't an all female group. It was started by Hans Scholl (and some collegues), whose sister Sophie later joined and played a central role (and was later executed). Their story is a very interesting and inspiring one, and definitely worth reading about. If that's what the CD centers around, you may have to snag a copy somewhere....

But the music is very sad and haunting, quite beautiful. Parts of it sound rather orchestral, others sound like they're performed on a church pipe organ, and a couple are just solo piano, sounding like it's being played in a vast empty hall. There's some German dialog over a couple of the tracks, and others have some eerie, atmosperic electronic effects added. The whole effect is a feeling of immense sadness, a look back into a time long past.

There's an 8 page booklet included with the CD, but it's entirely in German, includes some photos of (I presume) the women of this group. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath the Clouds are also credited on the album.

German lyrics translation (from website called "Beauty for ashes")

Here are the translation to the liner notes of Die Weisse Rose (LJDLP). These are very beautiful poems and I took much pleasure in reading and translating them. German at the bottom (thanks to Don Gunning) I also put them on a web page together with the german original and a few annotations and biography and a picture of the Scholl siblings.


(or click on the 'Organisation:' field)

The White Rose was recorded in the winter of 1996 with the voice of Alzbeth (TMLHBC) over music from LJDLP and Regard Extreme. We pray Alzbeth to accept our thanks. Without her, this project would never have been accomplished. Our thoughts and respect goto our friends Albin Julius, Douglas P, Franck Armand (The child with the drum 3), Saphi (the flagbearer), Alan Trench for his illimited patience and finally Elena P, Euphem R, Friedrich N, Virginie S, Stephanie & Sylvie (Nuit et Brouillard 4), Eric & Audrey, Stephanie et Paul, the last born. Our comrades Kameraden Klaus Joachim (Tesco) und Salt.

To the memory of Sophie S. Holy Love, Holy Life, Holy Void


Deep longing (to new shores) * Nature awoke to the sound of weapons * Now dawn is breaking * Which irresistably foams downwards * Youth mourns (funeral march) * White leaves * The last battle of life * The flame released (born) * White rose * Taking leave * Deep longing * Never say "Adieu"


Come, be our guest, give us one tenth of what you promised. Under the damned socialdemocrats we sometimes had a piece of meat but under you there's only herring, herring, herring...

We are small, the power is yours! Yours is also the power and the glory for some time ahead. Soon we will go into the battle. Be strong and sturdy, my brothers! And may no one stop half-way again as once.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that our empty bowels fume. Hunger keeps the anger healthy. It will once crush you and, in the name of humankind, all those who came with you.

Three stars did I see shining, three stars were shining light. Alas those stars were not the stars of home. I saw three roses in glimmering blue air, You roses of home, it was not your scent, It was not your scent; Three palm trees stand by the sea, Foreign places are so empty! Three kisses I gave to the wind, It will carry them over the sea.

There in a garden stands a green limetree

I kiss its bark at night in my dream At night in my dream, in a dream!

The info WSD lists on their page is somewhat inaccurate; the White Rose was originally a student anti-nazi group started at the
Ludwig-Maximillians-Universitaet Muenchen by a med student, Hans Scholl and a few friends - Christoph Probst and Willi Graf (Hans, Sofie, and someone else are depicted on the postcard from the box set) are the only names that immediately occur to me.  Later, his younger sister, Sofie (who is on the cover of the CD booklet and on the upper left-hand corner of the first page - all the other pictures of Maedchen are, afaik, pretty random and not really members) - who studied philosophy and something else at the University later joined, along with a few other people, including the philosophy professor Kurt Huber.  The group never really made much music - they were too busy printing and distributing anti-nazi flyers and dodging over-zealous Nazis.  Of course, they were all executed in 1944 for high treason.  They're now highly celebrated heros in Munich, with streets named after them, monuments, etc.

The German movie, _Die weisse Rose_ is a pretty accurate depiction of the group and its activities.  There's also a few books out on the group; I can't remember the names of any of them right now, but one of them was written shortly after the end of the war by one of the younger Scholl siblings (Inge?), who was not involved with the group, which contains all the "Flugblaetter" (flyers), the proceedings of their trials, announcements in the newspapers of their executions (post facto, of course), etc.  Very, very interesting and worthwhile read.  ...and I just checked some notes I had, and one of the books is called _The White Rose: A Noble Treason_.  Another is _Das Gewissen steht auf_, but I don't think this latter is available in English...

A comment about that film: you mentioned how their execution was anti-climatic.  But it fits so entirely well with the film and what it's depicting...it shows how exactly how the Nazis basically tried to keep all resistence entirely hushed, in effort to build an image of "solidarity" for National Socialist Germany; according to their logic, it's better to quietly dispose of the Widerstand (resistence) and deny it was ever there, than to make a big pomp and circumstance about it, which would show that there were cracks in the regime...which might help other people to think to themselves, "well, hey, if other people aren't happy with Herr Hitler and his merry bunch, then maybe I'm not alone...."  Divide and conquer.

Also, if you liked that film, I also recommend German movie, _Das schreckliche Maedchen_ (there's a subtitled version available called, _The Nasty Girl_)...it stars the same actress that played Sofie, and is about how a small town reacts when someone decides to examine what the currently "upstanding" citizens of the town were up to during the Third Reich.

So...I don't know exactly where Les Joyaux... got the music/songs for this release, and if any of it actually came from stuff the Scholls & Co. played when they weren't fighting for justice and freedom.  But it's still a beautiful album and truly haunting...especially the piano pieces and the end of track 10, which crescendos up to the thunderous striking of drums and Hitler screaming, "...nur zu denken an Deutschland!" ("...only to think about Germany!").  Every time I hear that it slaps me in the face.

The song on the 7" sounds like it probably came from a 78" of the time... a traditional sort of...well, song.   That people listened to and stuff. (Helpful, eh?)  Um...I don't think it was sung by Sofie or anyone else involved with the group though.  The lyrics, btw, are those printed in the booklet under "Heimat" ("Home"), "Drei Sterne sah ich scheinen..." ("I saw three stars shining...") and don't show any indication of having to do with anti-Nazi protest...unless, of course, I'm missing some symbolism, which is likely.

[I'm to 98% certain that this song ("Heimat", on the bonus single that comes with the 'Die Weisse Rose' box set) is sung by the
Swedish diva Zarah Leander. Although she wasn't really associated with the NSDAP in any way, she became a huge favourite among the nazi elite and spent considerable time in Germany and performed a lot there during WW2. If you look closely, she is even mentioned in the liner notes of the booklet. Hardly likely that Zarah would have lent her voice to an anti-nazi  protest... why bite the hand that feeds you?]

(info from WSD-list)


Here an interview with Eric Konofal of Les Joayaux de la Princesse I realized few years ago for my fanzine! Sorry for the awfull translations in english:

* Can you make a short review of Les Joyaux de ta Princesse, tell me since how many time this association exists, who compose it, what are its aims and its means ? Does "Nocturne", the radioprogramme you animated on Radio Beton in Tours always exist ?

- Les Joyaux de la Princesse is an association Law 1901 the goal is to "Create, produce and diffuse difficult new musics". It was born ln 1986. At the beginning, this name had been given to a radioprogram that I made on a local radio station which had just started to broadcast, but the real meaning which marked my life appeared only at the end of 1987 when I met S.B. To avoid any confusion between my personal work and the one of the radio, the radioprogram became in october "Nocturne". Since the disparition of S.B., 1I am the sole member and its articutalion.

Aux Petits Enfants de France* Your production "Aux petits enfants de France" was first released in a limited edition a 49 copies tapes contained in a box "black coffin" ! It was an enthousicistic success to be re-issued few time after as a luxuous CD packaging by the german label Tesco Organisation ! What was the link between Les Joyaux de la Princesse and this label for this release of this production-often misunderstood-as you wrote me it in one of your tetter ?

- We have to believe that this production, in its entire concept, has awared J. Kohl of Tesco. First, I wasn't disposed to a such re-issue. Weeks after weeks, my scepticism has gone and when the E.P. "Attemagne Annue Zuro" was released, it has totally disappeared. I was warned by some friends, but in reatity, today, I think that we can't be more honest than this person who is comptetely lnvolved in his work. Prejudices were not founded like there are often !

* Tell me about this production, about the whys and wherefores, about the symbolism of the postcard, the document "Le Drapeau" and so on ?

- With this re-issue on CD, the meaning of the coffin, of the death sentence to the "collaborationists" and of the number 49 was lost and it is atways bothered me a little bit ! 49 was the number of Individuals went over on the other side of the government and what it was necessary to shoot to legitime this new temporary government. 49 was also the number of letters contained in the initials of S.B. The whole above-detailled has only a meaning if you see it as a whote. We can't spoil this "symbolic" otherwise we will occult all the sense and the interest of this production ... the ear corn symbolising the work in the fields, the flag, the hope of the nation reconstituted around its doctrine, the propagande free or almost servant of all its apostoles, the added postcard is only here to illustrate the title : "The yound boy". Now, this whole must imperativety be judged at the past and not at the present time, it's a question of respect and again here of integrity to respect.

Terrorisme Islamique* You wrote me that this production resutls from a recapitutalion of radioprograms broadcasted on Radio Beton between 86/88 on the role of the 39/45 french government. How does the broadcasting of passages extract from documents of the I.N.A. (the National Institut of Audiovisual) on which we can listen, among other things, the Marechal Petain, has been perceived by the officiats of the radiostation, by other animators or eventuatly by your listeners '?

- Concerning my radioprograms, I would tike ta specify that, at any moment, I didn't want to inftict a political planning or other. The use of documents relating some episodes of World War II, as it was done, had for effect and interest the support of historical themes and historical onty. The musical adding covering the whole should give and bring back this authentical climax and authentical only.

* How are your productions perceived by the critics or by a public more informed ?

- My productions hadn't any criticism that the one I expect.

* Could you talk me about the concretisation of "Ostenbraun" double tapes also released as a luxuous boxset with postcard ? How does the collaboration progress with Douglas Pearce ? Was it difficult to convince him to take part in it ?

- First, it was onty planned to edit an interview with Douglas Pearce, the text for "Death In June Collaboration : Carried Away By Despair", used as a womb, is gone after. Douglas was apparently very enthousiasted by the musics I sent to him. At the time, he wrote me : "We have a similar path!...". The use I was doing of the Poly-800 lnspired to him, I think, like a kind of following to "The World Thot Summer"... This same keyboard was used as a base-line for the retease of the double album but I learnt this after and in my ingenuouness, maybe, I had completed something ! During this collaboration, at every musical as wel aesthetic change, I sent it to Douglas... That took me a lot of time to have his entire approbation and his benediction when the product was finished.

* Will this production be also released by Tesco or another label under a CD format ?

- I think that the reeditlion on CD will be done. It's just a question of time. This one will be certainty different and will not contain, of course, the Interview ! There is no interest to edit such a thing ! So, I don't see another label than N.E.R. or Les Joyaux de La Princesse to satisfy to this new edition... Douglas adds "Ostenbraun" in the official discography of Death In June.

Allema1.jpg (8751 bytes)* "Die Kapitulation - L'Allemagne Annee Zero" is your third production! What is this beautiful anthem we can listen on the second track of your 7"? What can you tell me about this single ?

- I regret that you didn't know it !... This lovely tune was the sovietic anthem and this version, the one which was formerly broadcasted through speakers of tanks tolling on the ruins of Germany. The vision of F.Rosselini's movie "Allemagne Annue Zuro" seems to be essential to understand the interest to retease this record. All the Inspiration that I had comes from this cinematographic work. There ls no possible ambiguity : "A ta lueur tremblante de cette bougie symbolique, ce julleucht dont ta flamme symbolise la Victoire de la Lumiere sur les tunebres et de l'espoir sur la mort...".

Allema2.jpg (19311 bytes)* When we Listen to your different productions, it seems that you are very concerned by World War Il events ! Where does this interest come from ? Is it a morbid attraction for this period, an attempt ta rehabilate a misunderstood politic, a testimony as a witness of the contemrorary history or an other thing ?

- Things must be ctear ! There is no possible rehabilitation of the past after all this blood flooded from everywhere. Now, I think that there is still a certain fear of tackling such topics. It's easier to use common terms, but we can't see their impact and their meaning. We must present the whote thing even it was blunt without prejudice neither nostalgie interests! On the other hand, I don't see how we can be still satisfied of these ideas so perfectly pre-established today ! The "collaboration" only had for the pinnacle of stupidity almost often irresponsible from these people encouraged ta cowardness... because abandonned to itsetf. But are we so different... and for how many money and days will we be so brave... ln fear, anguish and silence ! It's a question of moral and physical integrity... "Douce France" shoutd be the title if I hadn't privileged the ingenuouness of "Children" before the cowardness of these people so "resistant" (at the tast hour!). Here again, only a few people understand this, too hurried they are to satisfy their hate with complete impunity. If it has any rehabititation, it was the one, of the poor consciences done after the war, by these Individuats too coward to commit exactions without being forgotten.

Douce France* What does this sentence Inspire to you : "the examination of the contemporary history of World War II must obligatory lead to the conclusion of the Nurenberg court" ?...

- I don't know exactly the conclusion of the Nuremberg court, so, I can't make mysetf the apostole of historians. I think that heads needed to be cutted or rather to hang and turn quickty the page to not be disturbed in our sleep. But I'm not satlsfied by this point of view and I think that the responsabltities must be shouldered by more than a few men and by more than one nation... even if it is so for away from Europe !

* Do you share some common feelings, musical as well ideological level with Genocide Organ or Tesco ?

- I admire Tesco work with no restricion because it forms a whole which hides no hypocrisy. A result of excellent musical as well as artistical quatity. This label has always known how to keep the same baseline and here is my convergence with this concept, other things don't bother me...

* How can uou define your music, the musical atmospheres you create? Among the productions or bands, recent or not, what do you like to listen to ?

- I cannot describe the atmospheres I create. For me, everythyng comes from emotion in its emotionnal quatity with all the evocative side. I think, on the other hand, that if we want to reach something or someone, we must to want it and to want it, we must release it from ourselves. This is why I admire the emotions of Gustay Malher's symphonies.... a pressure sometimes unbearabte in the "Adagio" and speciaty the sadly superb long slow movement of the third symphony. This zvocation is a real "topy" with its precise discrimination and perfectly measured. All is created on this basis, reflection of perceived images, its integration and in vain, its transmission... leaving a very strong stamp. This can seem disproportionate but I feet the same thing listening to extreme music, where begins work of reflection and interpretation beyond discordance. The music I tisten to is the same that the one I distribute. I like Cold Meat lndustry, World Serpent, Discordia... there is no use to mention Tesco now!

* Have you already play live ?

- I shall always remember the Death In June's concert In Amiens where, at the end, we could listen "Ostenbraun" for the first time. Otherwise. I've never played on a stage.

* In one of your Previous letter, you wrote me about some of your projects : '... a compitation Zyklon B, a work about Tibet andin collaboration with David Tibet, a booklet "Les Joyaux de ta Princesse"... may be another thing with Douglas Pearce". When this compitation with the friends of Tesco and of the Karmanik familly from Cold Meat Industry will be availabte ? What will be its format and its specificity ?

- The last work is "Zyklon B", a compilation with people close to labels like Cold Meat Industry or Tesco. Here again, the product leaves a strong impression. The label was designed with genuine documents difficult to obtain ! The resutt must be judged like a whole and without neglected nothing even the responsability of some people who talk on it ! This must be done "for all to know and tonever forget !". The work about Tibet will never be published. It should consist in a musical soundtrack played during a festival and an exhibition about Tibet in february 1991 ln Orleans. This music had been strongly lnspired by Current 93 "Live at bar Matdoror". I had at the time, David Tibet's authorization for this work and I also should edit this production in collaboration with the association France-Tibet... But they never replied to me ! Then "Live at bar Maldoror" was reteased on CD ! I don't see today on what concept I could base my work to edit it ! Now, I shall make the booklet and, however, It will be published !

* What do you want ta say for conclusion ?

- "Sophie Scholl, -student in biology and in philosophy in Munich University, member of the White Rose movement was arrested and executed with five other students ln February 1943. She was 22 years old".

Raven's Chat
c/o Tabone J.P.,
B.P. 236 - 31004,


"L'Allemagne Annee Zuro" (7", TESCO ORGANIZATION, lmtd to 300, 1994)
"Aux Petits Enfants de France" (tape, reissued on CD within a boxset limited to 1000 numbered copies with a postcard and different beautiful inserts, Tesco 012, 1992)
"Ostenbraun" (dbl.tape, with Death In June, reissued on CD first in digipak then in boxset limited to 300 copies with three postcards - two of DIJ, one - LJDLP, WSD, 1995)
"Die Weisse Rose" (SD 04; CD, with Regard Extreme, WSD, 1997; digipack limited edition boxset with two postcards and a 7" picture disc, limited to 600 copies)
"Wolf Rune" (7", with Freya Aswynn, ex-Sixth Comm, 1996)
<no title> (10" picture disc, Athanor ATNR 002; with Muslimgauze; unofficial track title - "Terrorisme Islamique")
v/a: "Mysteria Mithrae" (with Philippe Laurent, track "Lumiure Bleue", Athanor, 1996)
v/a: "G.A.S.K.R.I.E.G." (tape, Power and Steel, 1995)
v/a: "Autoplasie II" (tape, Nuit et Brouillard, two tracks, one of them featured on the first 7")
v/a: "L'Ordre et le Chaos" (CD, Actus Dei)
"Douce France" (TESCO 031/SD 02; 10" in gatefold cover, with insert and eight postcards, limited to 555 numbered copies)
"Exposition Internationale Paris 1937" (limited to 60 copies boxset, dedicated to the International Expo of Arts and Techniques. Large white boxset (approx. like an A3) containing: a b/w booklet about the Expo, an A4 photo of Trocadero (part.), a couple of postcards of the Expo, an Album Officiel (with 33 coloured pictures), a double CD of LJDLP unreleased tracks; 1998)

Live appearances:

deadly actions 3 festival along with con-dom/the grey wolves, la nomenklatur and dagda mor, october 1996
wolfsmond festival along with the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud, yasnaia, the grey wolves and telepherique, august 1997
democrazy, gent, belgium along with allerseelen, december 1997



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