THE INNER SANCTUM (newsletter)

This is the first step into Sanctums sacred room. It will bee a chance for those who are interested in what's going on in the sacred room of Sanctum and what's related to it.

At this mailing list you will have a chance to get the latest information about Sanctum, releases, tourdates and things that could be of interest. The official web-site is under construction and will be able to visit in a near future.

This message is sent to those who Sanctum have had any connection with and that we thought could bee interested in updates concerning the Band. So if you are interested in getting this kind of information please send a reply to this address whit he subject: mailing list.

Here is some information:

* An exclusive 10" picture disc will be released in February, with four tracks. three of them will only appear on this disc. The tunes are:

* [ ] also available on CMI 60 "The absolute supper"

* Madeleine exclusive

* In Two Minds (Fungus version) exclusive

* Euphoria exclusive

* This four tracks will be a preview of what is under construction in Crescens studio. At this very moment Sanctum is working on their follow-up record to the already classic album Lupus In Fabula.

* During the spring Sanctum will work together with the dancegroup Agnes, this will end up in several performances in Stockholm in May "98 and hopefully in Jonkoping under the Summer. There is some planes that this will end up in some form (record, video) so those of you who not are able to visit this performance should have a chance to experience this constellation.

* The two members of Sanctum, Hakan and Jan has joined Sanctums live soundengineer Klas Melman to explore more harsh and brutal soundscapes. the unofficial name of this group is: THE YEAR OF THE PARROT. Some recordlables are interested, so hopefully you will bee able to hear what they have created in a near future.

* Jan Carleklev will release a 45 minutes long composition, that could bee explained as slowindustrialamient-neuclassic music. this work was originally written for an exhibition with the artist Mattias Wreland.

* A coalition between Mental Destruction and Sanctum under the name Azure Skies will appear on the compilation "Machines In The Garden" released in January "98 by Blacklight records.

Until next time


Jan Carleklev

Norra Bogesundsgatan 3A, 1


tel +46 36 308119


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