Removal of some provincial places from huge boiling by musical activity centres doesn't mean anymore absence there any steps of cultural activity and sometimes-vise versa-is able to conceal a big amount of great surprises.So,can anticipate (as according to backgroundin the time of totalitarian systems) that lack of nformation and creative contact with woldwise cultural processes pushes the real enthusiasts to the deeper devotion and "mad"activity during the search of such cultures.And this unexpected affair,suddenly investigated on boundless geographical spaces is worthy real and sincere admiration.
Undoubtedly this words can be at first corresponded to the attempts of persons united by the editing in the Canary Isls the magazine "Sekuencias De Culto".From 192 Juan Carlos Campos and Francisco Gonzales created and realized 9 issues of the magazine,concentrated on dark-electro-industrial-gothic-ritual-apocalyptic-folk scene.Simultaneously radioprogrames and some special club-parties nuder the headline "Nights ov Torment" were created,represanted the best examples of industrial and gothic music WSD,CUIT,LOK,TESCO,ELFENBLUT,CTHULHU and e.t.c.In spite of the main-isolation from the musical world and absence in the Canary Isls club- and concertactivity,SDC is full of value and versatile guide-book and luxurious illustrated dictionary in the musical jungles.Ussualy in each issue,concentrated on three-four main groups as represantators of various trends but actual in their cntemporary sound the magazine tries to give the most exacr and deep pesentation about specialities of abovermained creatve activity.Thus the heroes of 8 issue were mysterious The Moon Lay HIdden...swedish akchemist Lina with the project Deutsch Nepal,and so unknown for the majority SWEET WILLIAM and SUICIDE COMMANDO.Moreover,each issue includes traditionally detailed concert reports,reviews,contacts and announcements of musical madnesses in the holy mother Europe.
Extreme visual aesthetics was continued by next issus of SDC,dedicated to the ideology of french dark eso-symphonic/eurfolk project LONSAI MAIKOV,known according to legendary compillation "MISTERIA NUTHRAE",added up by the materials about POTREFY FACTOR 7,IN MY ROSERY and IN STRICT CONFIDANCE.
So,I'd love to congratulate sincerely our spanish friens with exciting work and i latently regret about approachment of the magazine only for spanish speaking audience.Besides t's wonderful that in the sugar paradise of machoes,canaries and beatufulwimen's bodies live such strange cults.Cults of love to the music,deep substantial,uncomprehensve.

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