"Music is turned to the hearing not only, but to the vision as well... Many phrases of musical slang go not from acoustic, but from visual impressions, from music signs.... Composers of all times secretly inserted in their own lines the things that were intended for a reading eye, but not at all for ear" (Thomas Mann, "Doctor Faustus")

... IT is a Queen and it is a King. Previously to it's transformation into Phoebus and chaste Diana, it itself was a king, ruler of the world. The christians subsequent to jews, followers of Moses and Quabalah, have made it Deity, though the civilized world during many ages was in nonconduct of this fact. This happened after the death of the last one from the denoted fathers of the Church, who took the secret of pagan temples with himself into the grave. For such fathers, as Orygenes or Clement of Alexandria, considered Moon as an alive symbol of Jehova, the Giver of Life and the Giver of Death, the Mistress of Entity for our world. For if greek's Moon was Arthemida in Heavens and Diana on the Land, having attitude to the procreation and life, for egyptians it was Hecate in Hell, the Goddess of Death, ruler of magic and enchanting. Moreover, as personification of the Moon, the manifestations of which are three-sided, Diana-Hecate-Moon shows three aspects in one. For It - Diva triformis, tergemina, triceps - has three heads on one neck (Goddess TPIHOPOS - a statue by Alkamene, the sculptor, who lived in 2nd half of the 5th age BC), like Brahma-Vishnou-Shiva. Consequently, it is a prototype of our Trinity, which was not always a Male Beginning.

... The number 7, being such outstanding in Bible, such holy in the seventh day or Sabbat, had come to jews from the ancient times, taking its beginning from number 7 - containing as one forth in 28 days cycle of the lunar month, with each seventh part of it being present by one quarter in the phases of the Moon.

...Hindus are proud to name themselves Souryavansha and Chandravansha - the Solar and the Lunar Dynasty. Christians, considering this as idolatry, in ditto time verge to religions, based on Solar and Lunar Cults. It is vain and useless for roman catholics to resent the protestants for their cult of Virgo Marie, based on ancient cults of Lunar Goddess, when they themselves honour Jehova, being, first of all, a Lunar God, and when both churches have comprised in their theology the Solar Christ and Lunar Trinity.

...Khaldeans, in the same way, either as jews, who had come after them, were the followers of the Moon under its different names, male and feminine. In the unpublished manuscript is brought forth a logical "raison d'etre" for this double honouring. It was written by one much informed and acute scientist and mysticist, who stated this in understandable form of hypothesises:

a/ feminine physiological phenomena, occuring each moon month of 28 days or of four weeks, of seven days each, so that 13 repetitions of this period occur on length of 364 days, that forms a solar year, divided into 52 weeks, each of 7 days b/ the growing of the womb fruit is noted by the period of 126 days or of 18 weeks, of 7 days each c/ period, called "period of viability", is equal to 210 days or 30 weeks, of seven days each d/ period of pregnancy ends at 280 days or at a period of 40 weeks, of 7 days each, or within 10 moon months of 28 days or 9 months of the calendar, each of 31 days, if calculating on the majestic code of heavens the measurement of the period of going from the darkness of womb to the light and glory of conscious existance, this constant unspeakable secrecy and prodigy...

... The main idea of religious philosophy of jews was concluded in that, that God contained in itself all being (remark of Blavatskaya: "Primitive and derogated Vednait's notion of Parabrahman, who contains the Universe in itself, being itself this boundless Universe, for nothing does not exist outside of it") and that person, including woman, was its reflection... The place of man and woman in jewish theology was occupied by oxen and cow in egyptian one, denoted to Osiris and Isis (an Oxen of Shiva and a holy cow in India), which accordingly were depicted by the male figure with the head of oxen and feminine one with the head of cow. Isis was a Moon, a riverbed of Neil, or mother-land, for birth energies of which the water was needed, it was a moon year in 354-364 days also, installing periods of pregnancy; and a cow, carrying a sickle of the new moon on the head.

Gerald Massey in his lectures on "Ancient and modern Moon-honouring" noted: "The persons in the Moon (Osiris-Seth, Jehova-Satan, Christ-Jude and other Moon Twins) are often accused of the immoral behaviour... In lunar phenomenons Moon was united, Moon, as such, which was bisexual and ternary on its nature as a mother, child and youth. Thus, the Child of the Moon becomes a spouse of his own mother! (Aedipus?) This could not be avoided, once location was to occur. The Son was compelled to become his own father! These relations were rejected by later sociology, and primitive person of the Moon was put aside. But in the later and the most unexplained phase this had become a central doctrine of most rough superstition, ever observed by the world, for these moon phenomenons and their humanly presented relations, including incest, are the most base of the christian Trinity in the Unity. Because of symbolism ignorances, this simple presentation of antiquity became a deep religious secret in the modern Moon-honouring. The Roman church, not in the least not shy with this proof, expresses Virgo Marie, vested by the sun with the crescent underfoot, keeping a moon infant on hands... who is the Son and the Spouse of mother Moon! Mother, Infant and Youth being main essence... Thereby it is possible to prove that our teaching on Christ is only a dead mythology and a legendary myth, obtruded us in the Old and the New Testament, as a divine Revelation, heralded by the Voice of God himself".

... The reason of early christian and the latest roman catholic cult of Stars or symbolic honouring of Sun and Moon, honouring, same that with honouring of gnostics, though less philosophical and clean than "Sun-honouring" of the followers of Zoroaster, is a natural effect of its birth and beginning. The acceptance by the Latin Church of such symbols, as Water, Fire, Sun, Moon and Star and many others, simply is a continuation of the old cult of pagan folks by christians.

One of the the most occult chapters in the Book of the Dead is entitled "Transfiguration into the God spilling Light on the Way of Darkness", where "feminine Light of Shades" serves Toth as his sanctum in the Moon. It is said that Thot-Hermes escapes there, for he is the carrier of the secret wisdom. He is the developed Logos of its bright side, and sacral Deity or "Dark Wisdom", when is expected that he is gone into the opposite hemisphere. Talking on its power, the Moon again names itself "The Light, shining in the Darkness", "Feminine Light". Afterwards, the Moon becomes an accepted symbol of all Virgo-Mothers Goddesses. As in the old times when the "cruel" ghosts waged war against the Moon, is in the same way expected that they wage war presently, not being however able to overcome the present Celestial Queen, Magician, Moon. That's why the Moon was involved in all the pagan Theogonies with the Dragon, its eternal enemy. The Holy Virgo or Madonna stands on the mythic Satan, depicted lying, oppressed and weak under her legs. This is because of the fact, that the head and the tail of the Dragon in the east astrology still present the rising and downfalling nodes of the Moon.


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