Summer, August, Berlin...

In August 1996 Staalplaat will be for one month in Berlin, opening a temporary shop and staging many concerts, performances and installations. Send an e-mail requesting the complete programm that will include: Etant Donnes, J. Blonk, People Like Us, Oval Bad Sector, Kapotte Muziek, Co Caspar, C. Palestine, Deutsch Nepal, Karkowski, Fetisch Park, Muslimgauze, Spoke, F. Tan, BMB Con, TMRX, T. Koner, D. Petitgand and more ! CD catalogue under the title 'Sonderangebot' with many of these bands will be available mid-july and only be available this period.

The Prateră in former East Berlin was reopened this year as a cultural venue. Laura Kikauka will be opening her ÎFunny Farmă in the foyer of the venue building - the soundbar for Sonambiente, Berlinăs audio art festival. The spaces on the Kastenienallee will house the ÎKombinată in the spirit of its maker: Erik Hobijn. It is here that classic and new media meet: computer-operated and controlled by internet impulses robots, sound and machine installations will occupy the space together with automatic machines. All one big laboratory: international artists such as Jim Whiting, Nicolas Anatol Baginsky, Pit Schulz, Marc Marc, Kathe Rae Huffman or Kenji Yanobe will be invited here by Gallery O Zwei.

Staalplaat will be situated next door to O Zwei and will be introducing to the Berlin public for the first time.

Staalplaat is an idea, a music label, a radio programme, a publishing house, a distribution company and a music shop in Amsterdam. It is Staalplaat who first introduced and published groups such as The Hafler Trio, Zoviet France, Muslimgauze and Laibach. The label Staalplaat is also valued for the unusually intensive and convincing combination of sound and image; unexpected material, for example wood, metal or leather guarantee very individual CD and LP designs. Staalplaat battles for fifteen years against current trends. It is a platform for metamusical concepts between the accepted sleepy streams, between new, improvised and experimental music, between electronic and entertaining, beyond the European market. ┴We probably publish things that canăt be categorized as music.┬, says Geert-Jan Hobijn from Staalplaat, and his colleague, Roland Spekle contradicts him immediately.

The Staalplaat shop will be opened daily for a whole month in the Prateră. Staalplaat will be presenting concerts, sound installations and an exhibition of its design world for the duration of this festival.

Staalplaat's Berlin programme will include a concert of voice-performer Jaap Blonk. Co Casper and Kapotte Muziek perform in a communal concert in Eimeră. The performance trio BMB Con will be giving a site specific event in a disused water tower. The French performing duo Etant Donnes will be staging their new piece "Plus Ultra" at the Prater, following its premiere in Centre Pompidou; this will be in collaboration with Saba Komossa. There will also be a concert by UK 'industrial raga' band Muslimgauze. Video artist Fiona Tan in collaboration with composer Calliope Tsoupaki will be presenting an audiovisual installationor in the Prateră and sound and film installations from Ian van Riel will also be on display. The programme continues with Le Forbici di Manitu with Fluxus audio installations, and with a film-sound performance by Jorgen Reble and Thomas Koner.

The following acts will appear live in the Staalplaat space : People Like Us, O Yuki Conjugate & Sons of silence = Spoke, Dominique Petitgand, Reptilicus, Fetisch Park, Bad Sector, Deutsch Nepal, TMRX, Inanna, Charlemagne Palestine and Matt Heckert. One night every week the ÎLast Minute Showă takes place. Staalplaat will be documenting its Berlin debut on CD. All Staalplaat guests will take part in this. We look forward to this event with great expectations.


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