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The Other Side of Life

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Every music addict experiences the sweet moment of heavy heartbeating when discovering a new, previously not known (at least to this particular music lover) project, that blows his brains off. I've got such a feeling with the latest release by THO-SO-AA - Epoch pt.I - first things to attract my attention were the label (Art-Konkret, the German label that had already gained high respect among me :) and the cover-concept; but the magic began when the CD hit my CD-player. What's the intention of a typical music addict in such a case? Perhaps, looking for more band's releases and more information about the project. And so, our story begins with the discovery of THO-SO-AA's official page on the net and getting in contact with the project's mastermind - Lutz Rach, who proved to be not only great musician and skillful programmer, but also very open and pleasing person. Below you'll find the interview with Lutz and the information about project's history and forthcoming releases.

Thosoaa1.gif (87718 bytes)The history: My first project was AADOM/Christbearing forms which was formed in 1993 by Brian Bray and myself. After two releases Brian left the band. At this time I searched fo new sounds. I was impressed from sounds like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and John Carpenter. This was the Time where THO-SO-AA was born. THO-SO-AA means THe Other - Side Of - AAdom. It was for me a new and exciting way to create music- like a vision. I found the sounds which I was looking for long time. So it was a magic moment for me. THO-SO-AA contains my personal environment. It contains hate. Hate for e.g. capitalism or god. Everything which is normal in Europe.

The frontcover of the CD Epoch pt.I was made by Falk Stenulat - a good friend of mine. He heard first samples of the CD and was impressed to made some visual arts. I decided to take this cover because it remembered me that the humans are not these what they think about themselves.

How do you see the future for the internet an computer technologies?

This is a good question! I really don?t know the answer. The internet will be a new world.

Are you an individualist?

I think everyone is an individualist..

Do you support any ideology?

I think every individual is a part of all. My opinion is that every human has the same rights. There should be made no differents.

What do you think about apocalypse, Millenium, the end of the world....

The humans destroy themselves. This is our nature.

Do you believe in traveling through the time?

Yes, but not like in the film "The Timemachine":-)

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?

Every time when I am making music and take some drugs.

Concerning the drugs usage - it's quiet a paradox that humans semultenously have a self-destruction tendency and a survival instinct; drugs without doubt show the self-destruction tendency of humans, what about the survival instinct? Magthea of Hybryds in our recent interview told that it's important to know what drugs to use in what case and how to use them so that they could not bring any harm. Are you careful in drugs using in such a way?

Yes, sure. If you take drugs you want reach a special sphere. You have to know what you want if you are taking drugs! You want see the world or maybe your personel situation in another way. If you take drugs you have to feel good. Not bad. In my oppinion, using drugs means not directly self-destruction. Maybe its the only way you can see everything what you want with "other" eyes.

What do you think of german ambient/noise/power electronics/post industrial scene?

The german ambient-scene needs a rebirth at this time.There are not so many projects I know. The electronic (EBM, Darkwave) scene in germany sucks!!! I feel no innovation at this time. Every project sounds like every project.

About the whole scene in Germany: actually, we know very little about it. You say that it needs rebirth and that there's no innovation at all. Could you clear up for us this moment? What we see from here is that there are (or at least were in some cases) some strong bands such as Maeror Tri, Soldnergeist, Inade, Dagda Mor...., we hear of big gothic festivals in Germany, about lots of clubs where you can see and listen to your favourite bands, about strong labels such as Art Konkret, Tesco, LOKI, about professionally done underground magazines (Zillo, Black...) - so it's kinda looking through pink glasses - and what's your vision of this, from the inside (concerning what you wrote in previous answer it would be some critical notes?)?

Yes these are critical notes indeed. I mean the experimental music scene needs a rebirth at this time. I like the german projects like Maeror Tri, Asmus Tietchens a.s.o. very much but I think that?s all at this time and this is not much I think. It?s also possible that I don?t know them.

The German Darkwave scene seems to be a commercial market. "Typical German!!!":-))). Many Projects are growing up at this time every Projects has the same style. They are Bands who are only looking for to be a star and for money i think. It?s commercial not culture.

The problem of harsh noise for e.g. is that this is a very primitive but powerful music. These sounds are very easy to create and I think there a too many bands on this scene! I think this culture is out of control :-). I like this music but I realy don?t have the time to hear them all.

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This CD will contain only one epoch-song (Epoch pt.II). This is the end for this section. I was not sure to take the title "Blood and Gold" for this CD, so the final title is "COMA". It could be possible that only the song (Epoch pt.II) will be named with the title Blood and Gold. Its depending on my invironment. Release date is planned jan/feb 99.


AADOM was my first project with more ritual sounds. The new release "re" will contain more electronical elements. It's like the melancholic side of me, positive. It's not destructive like THO-SO-AA.
If you hear AADOM, you don't have to have special thoughts. Every kind of thoughts, happy, sad, or melancholic, could be very beautiful. This is the concept. This is very simple.

Just recently I discussed with my friend - musician, that it's very hard for an underground musician in Russia to live - you can give all of yourself to the music, but you'll not find any money for living then, and if you will go and find a job, you'll have less time and less forces to create what you want. I think this situation is true everywhere, do you agree? Do you have a job not related to the music?

Yes I have a Job which is not related to music. I think it?s not possible to earn enough money if you are making such kind of music. It would be beautiful if that would be possible :-).

BTW, you are the first one among musicians, who uses user-defined style in messages and your website is very well done! Do you have a programming experience?

Yes, It's my Job:-)).

Do you have the answer for the all time human being quest for the meaning of live?

In my opinion the meaning of life does not exist. Maybe we are a chemical experiment? :-)

If you were GOD, what would you do?

I would do the same like the real god - nothing!

If you were satan, what would you do?

The same - nothing!

Your associations with the word "russia"?

Proud, love, hate, sozialism, community, Wodka (I like Wodka) :-)

What question would you ask id you where making an Interview with your self?

Why me?


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