Honor and dignity of heroes in modern metaphysical war of ideologies,between people of different contradicting ideas and idols im Stahl gewitten is embodied in Von Thronstahl' hymns-"drops of light to the end of boundless tunnel of nothing-meaning way of life" to the aletheia of existation in the world of sacral freedom and kingdom of traditions-Imperium Internum.
Present project was established in 1995 and became the
ideological spiritual creation of ex-vocalist of Weissglut and leader of Forthcoming Fire Josef K. and of Raimond P. from The Days Of Trumpet Call.Firstly based on idea of
traditionalism and eurocentism ,classical images of dramatic past and of L'Age de Fer,Von Thronstahl consistently inspired by esoteric,magic,doctrines of Buddhism ,ancient mysteries and by historical personalizes of Evola: "after black comes not dark grey and then light grey,but a new golden age.That is what all traditions teach us!
Und aus dem Funken wird die Flamme schlagen:

*Every creatively-ideological act is usually based on some world outlook,reflections,events,thoughts,cultural-political influences,aims and sums...In association with this sphere what is Von Thronstahl for you,with reflection of whose processes and declaring views its appearing and existence are connected and what is the difference for each of you between Von Thronstahl and Forthcoming Fire,The Days of the Trumpet Call?

Josef K. FORTHCOMING FIRE is more my past, where i come from, whilst VON THRONSTAHL is where I stand. FORTHCOMING FIRE was more like : to be outside myself,- VON THRONSTAHL is being more inside of me. ... THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL is Raymonds solo-project.
It seemed that with the official end of FORTHCOMING FIRE an odysee endet. With VON THRONSTAHL I returned to my earliest thoughts,- and earlier on I only thought in categories of „REICH", „IMPERIUM", Monarchie and so on., in my younger and innocent days. -
Kadmon from ALLERSEELEN said these true words once: „In the childrens world there just exists the Monarchie"...
Me and Raymond we begann in the PUNK -movement - not only listening to music but also making music; but every Adventure must have an end and the call of the deeper roots came more and more. Concerning Punk, we were lost for a while in that ocean of nothing, of lawlessless, false freedome, Modernism and Nihilism,- and than we wished to return to ourselves.. - VON THRONSTAHL or THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL are connected to our deeper kind of beeing.
For me VON THRONSTAHL reflects that I am not a MODERN Person,- it got something like HERE I STAND AND HERE I AM. ...

Raimond P. Josef has already explained the difference between „Forhtcoming Fire" and „Von Thronstahl"."The days of the trumpet call" is my solo project which i had founded before joining V.T.,moreover i'd say that „Von Thronstahl" is definitely more political ,inspite of its spiritual level:-while „The days of the trumpet call" is more quiet or even calm kind f work which i see in more lyrical,religious context -perhaps even more abstract.Both are however closely related...One reason for that is of course our long friendship and that we have very similar ways of regarding this world.

*Cultural-philosophical base of VT stands on deep influence of J.Evola's works,traditions and philosophy of Kshatria,-what are its actuality and inspiration in the light of nowadays events and processes for you?What is existing now world for you?And why we again and again return to the Graal,symbols of heroic and tragic past,to the symbols and signs of that time?What do you try to reflect in depicting on covers of ancient rune TYR and discovered swords(WIN or DIE)?

Josef K. The main thing is to OVERCOMRE this little time of NOTHING, darkness, falseness and sickness. Im not a Kshatria,- Hail him who can say to his self that he is one,- but the secret ligth of the Ksathrian way shines on me, is my light in the darkness.
Why we return again and again to the Gral, and other Myths,- ? Because they keep the answers hidden through the darkness, the answers and the solutions,- the knowledge in myths and sagas and fairytales has got more to do with us, belongs more to us than MTV , McDonalds or Coca Cola. It is not only the FIGHTING Charakter which I like on the TYR RUNE,- the upwards moving charakter which it stands for was important for us. ...

Raimond P. Symbols like Graal for me are representive perhaps less for some kind of past,but more for an eternal truth,which is behind and above the world and also inside ourselves (Imperium Internum!). There will be nothing but decline without the connection between the light insde ourselves and the light which shines in the darkness,from above the world,into the world,into time...where we stand-as others;the few.In the struggle for truth and true values there is no compromise,there is no way of compromise with Evil and then in a higher sence it is.Win or Die!

*Cultural and social decline of Europe,delay of spirit,destroying of real traditions in modern Euro-society and in world-how is expressed for you the most serious danger to world,what is spirit of Europe for you now?And do you see it in growing,despite destroying spirituality of United Europe,materialization,wiping off borders of national individual innate euro-cultures, in continuing monopolization of Euro cultures and "briberity" of media from the side of American expansion?

Josef K. The days and nights of this ruling sickness will have an end - we just have to overcome all of that,- and we overcome it with the higher law on our side, not against this law. But the Law includes, that this sickness has it's time to rule. In the time beeing the Spirit of Europe, Germany and all the countrys is on a low spiritual level. - It is rigth what you said about Europe, Materialism and the Amercican Way of playing World Domination regime - but believe, beyond the ruins (the future will show) a real Imperium will be built again on solid foundations. But it is more than just "again"...


Raimond P. The expansion of the us-dominated „culture",the willing acception by most european nations,the bombing of who is not willing to accept etc.-as Josef said,it is a dark, a very dark night-it will be followed by daylight,but first all this must happen.That process doenst really destroy spirituality-the holy flame is not kept (and lived ) only by the few-and the global process of today will show who has the will to resist and how strong that will is!And resist wil only who has what gives him strengh:true belief,truth!

*Desire of Europe to cringe to America developed in attack of USA and NATO on Serbia-example of New World Order in Eastern Europe,released the illusion of democracy of modern Western society,-and turned into next bloody demonstration of power.Probably,you heard about anti-american mood in Russia.Release please your point of view on aboveremained situation in Serbia and role of Europe in it.

Josef K. We all know about the role germany played in the agressions against the serbians, - it's a difficult conflict this war in Jugoslavia. The west created this all years ago,- and America seems also to be the winner,- and Germany and the rest of the western world plays the servants of the US Imperialism.
Yes, and they call it DEMOCRACY,- but (i say it with the words of Jaz Coleman from KILLING JOKE) „SORRY, DEMOCRACY IS CHANGING" and we all shall see what is behind the freemasons Mask of Humanity. I like to have a strong EUROPE, a real EUROPE , not a kind of Eastern Amerika. Our true enemy was never the EAST, it was more WASHINGTON than Moskow and it seems that the enemys of Germany and Europe are more inside than outside the borders. ...

*As I can say,during your existence in Forthcoming Fire you was to collide with official pressure on cultural processes.Latent censorship -as Spiegel of liberalism today:your opinion about it.

Josef K. Yes, you can talk about Freedom of Speech and so on, but if you touch a real critival subject you,ll wake up the dogs - an unbelievable mechanism, unbelievable for a country which calls itself a Democracy ... It is not like it seems in good old Germany. I wrote a book about my adventures with all this, and a second one will follow. The first is called something like „INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL and ist also a biography of FORTHCOMING FIRE (vaws). The second Book is about my succsesfull band WEISSGLUT ( WHITEGLOOM). We had a major deal with SONY MUSIC,- but ANTIFA and the Press together with lots of Music-clowns made me fall from Grace of SONY.

* VT was created in 1995 and won the authority by appearing on three famous "tributes "-Riefenstahl,Thorak and Evola.And only last year we got a possibility to get your full-formated album"Imperium Internum".How can be explained such long period of realization?

Josef K. The Bands FORTHCOMING FIRE and WEISSGLUT took a lot of time,- and also the problems as a results of being part of these Bands caused a lot of trouble , cost money, time, strength, nerves and so on,- Me and Raymond began the Album IMPERIUM INTERNUM after my fall from SONY Music, in 1999 I think.

*On your album,dedicated to Division Charlemague and to idea of Imperium Europaeum,are used the images of K.A.Wilke and H.C.Bermann,texts of poems of Stefan George,Gottfried Benn and Uwe Nolte from Orplid.Can you explain such specialities of choice?And about criterions and aims of aboveremained material,very cinematic according to sound -how did you see the main goal and line of this album and usage in it all present images and information?

Josef K. Yes, we got lots of influences between celtic paganism and a deeper kind of katholizism. The main thing on the album is that we keep and carry the REICH, the IMPERIUM in ourselfs,-
This is not the time to built,- this is just the time to overcome,- so we have to be patient . But we keep these thoughts of the IMPERIUM within us.

*And at last,back to the sound of VT and mysterious design of releases,I'd like to ask you about your interest to esoteric ,symbolism,runes,both to ,probably,more contemporary philosophical and religious studies?

Josef K. Yes, we both got lots of interest in that,- but all that esoteric things and views can also be a labyrinth where people can loose their mind, their self control or much more. There is a lot of NS Esoteric stuff which is too much for me,- and some people seem to earn lots of money in puplishing rubbish in that way. But with the solid basement of the books of Evola, Spengler , Carl Schmitt, George and lots of other Great Philosophers and Poems you can cross every ocean i think. ------



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