Achtung Baby! in collaboration with Cold Lands Distribution is proud to announced:

"The Flies in Dream and in Reality"

after the fenomenal success with albums "Rumorarmonio", "Faccia a Faccia", "Cuori de Petrolio", "Chappaqua", "Venezia", numerous singles and participation on compilation "Ten Years of Madness", cult stars of folk urbano sperimentale and decadent european muzak from Hau Ruck! label by Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch), t from Bella Wien presented their new and so-called 'russian album', released for Russian audience special!

"... when we were offered to compile a best-of-album to introduce our music to a larger russian audience we first intended to collect some of our album tracks together with single A & B sides on one CD - but when we had a look into our archives we decided to take this occasion to finally release also some of the sui-C-sides that - out of different reasons - never made it into one of our albums. Anyway, even if these might not be our very best songs, they are pretty representative for what Novy Svet is all about. Enjoy!" (, wien, 12/04/MMII)

expressive new release by Novy Svet features remixes of the best hits of the band, favourite songs, live-concert fragments as well as precious unreleased and rare archive material, selected and remastered from Novy Svet members special for the release!

lmtd.edition 1000 copies packaged in a three-panel-digipack, with unique full colour exclussive artwork by Marianne Plaimer and personal liner-notes from Novy Svet. beautiful collection for all true fans of the band!

"...what is far more important for novy svet is alchemy - we are always interested in making gold from shit... each sold novy svet cd is a slap in the face of all the shit groups which fill the air with their acoustical pollution. and we have some animals who are constantly hungry, so..."


Russian album of our all time faves - still hardly to believe that it's true! Well, Novy Svet earned many credits due to their honest and instant music vision - a bizarre inner world, full of boldness, adventurism and frankness. They do not afraid to appear ridiculous or misunderstanded when lost in thoughts about most important things. Novy Svet always have their own unique view of any single thing, and I doubt whether there are people who can escape their music touch. There's always a kind of mystery around this band - you can expatiate on it hours by hours, but no one will understand you exactly. But who cares? Well, let's listen better what they have for us - sad clowns who had found their fun among the last celebration of life. This CD was conceived for a long time - first as compilation of best tracks from old albums, unavailable for russian audience for a reason of very slow communication (when Novy Svet was already a cult for Europe, it was completely unknown in Russia). There was also plans for re-releasing regular CD-albums in low-budget form, specially priced for Russia. But, as fate has willed, we got all at once (thanks to Igor Vaganov for his exclusive help)! New album with retrospective parts, dedication and collaboration of many enthusiastic people here and there. The album itself look like a Palekh-souvenir - when you take this three-panel digipak, it feels like there is a space inside, so when you open it, treasure will appear... but isn't it really so? Music is the absolute treasure, it combines the best feelings like deep sadness and elational passion - if it is life, I'll be happy to fly there from my dream.
Dmitry Vasiliev (Independent Electronic Music, Moscow, Russia )

The most recent Novy Svet edition, this time made by the Russian label Achtung Baby!, is an anthology of their not long but brilliant discography. Besides some new songs, we can find in this edition some of their most important collaborations - Foresta Di Ferro and Circus Joy. For those who are not very acquainted with this Austrian project, this is a very nice sampling of their sonorities. For the connoisseurs, this is a fundamental piece, not just because of the new tracks but also for the excellent structural re-making of songs such as "Linia Alba" from "Cuori di Petrolio".
Rui Carvalheira, Dagaz-Music e-zin, Portugal

Не предполагал, что одна из самых вдохновенных пластинок года явится из лагеря серой и нелюдимой музыки по имени dark wave. Сказать по правде, я уже давно не покупаю пластинок, которые проходят под грифом "dark folk", "ritual ambience" или "apocalyptic noise". Поскольку в свое время альбомов этак сто с подобной музыкой я честно и даже с наслаждением отслушал, то могу свидетельствовать: обнаружить по-настоящему крупную запись среди этой публики не легче, чем в компании вышеупомянутых The Vines - The Strokes - The Hives. В массе своей дарк-вейверы производят удручающе воинственный гул с напыщенной мелодекламацией. Победителем соревнования выходит тот, у кого в буклете пространнее цитата из писателя-традиционалиста.
Австрийская группа Novy Svet, в общем, тоже не без гула и не без мелодекламаций. Но с ними также и пригородный европейский фолк, и красивейшие песни практически в духе Паоло Конте, и индустриальные хоралы, и вздорная раскатистость Курта Вайля, и вообще какая-то порывистая культура нездешнего простонародья, по-другому и не скажешь. Все вместе порождает феноменальную музыку, которую, в принципе, можно рекомендовать первому встречному. Очень, очень правильный диск. Тем более что записан он специально для русских и хранятся в нем разные неизданные композиции, концертные записи и просто раритеты
Максим Семеляк,Afisha,Russia

'Russian' special and absolutelly magical release from one of the most intrigued group in Europe last years: new old melanholic and best!: you must love it or hate it! C-sides of the most exciting published, unreleased, rare live and dreaming archive imaginations by Novy Svet, the flies in dream and in reality... Magic! full-lenght album to 5 year anniversary of the band with great eternal modern cantos, words, sounds, dances and madness; included exclussive godlike puppets from nice vienese artist Marianne Plummer
Strange fortune

:release note:
:um: ABCD002
:format: CD digipack
:tracks: 17

:track listing: Introduccion (Roma)/ Loomis/ Titan/ Espina/ Resistant/ Intermezzo/ Linea Alba/ Atras/ La Lena/ Amore, Amour, Amor/ Sogni di Piombo/ Vinkio Due/ Olvidado/ Censura/ Bonojos (Venezia)/ Sola Espiranza

:distribution: through Cold Lands Distribution
:release date: June 2002
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