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German mysterial project Stahlwerk 9 is well known from the track on the DoCD Compilation "Ten Years of Madness...". written and recorded in the period of 1999/2002, 'Oradour' is long awaited fantastic debut from the band and quite recomended industrial sound in the way of Dagda Mor, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Nocturne,Der Blutharsch, Turbund Sturmwerk and Wappenbund etc. Heroic dark noise, industrial loops, war samples and pulsating ritual atmospheres

:release note:
:artist: Stahlwerk9
:title: Oradour
:label: Achtung Baby! ABCD004
:format: digipackCD
:tracks: 10
:release date: Summer 2002
:genre: post-industrial, dark ambient, power-/ experimental electro

:track listing: Complainte du Partisan (Oradour I)/ La mort est allemande/ La marche sanglante/ Le massacre (Oradour II)/ Le chant de la liberation/ La cloche d'oradour/ Morts pour la France (Oradour III)/ A la memoire de notres pauvres petits martyrs/ Souviens-toi ?/ La victoire

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:distribution: through Cold Lands Distribution

:previous releases: v/a: "Ten Years of Madness (behind the Iron Curtain": ABCD001
Novy Svet:"The Flies in dream and in reality": ABCD002