Excerpts from the exclusive interview. The full version would be published in the upcoming CMI newsletter.

               Sanctum is a new band from the Cold Meat Industry label. That with their
               first album "Lupus In Fabula" opens up a new dimension of Nordic industrial
               music. The band consists of Jan Carleklev, Lena Robert, Hakan Paulsson and
               cellist Marika Ljungberg. Together they create music that penetrates rge human
               mind and its extremes. It throws you from a cage of tigers into the arms of
               angels, flows like raging water with islands of delicate silence. It is magic
               industrial ambient, samples of sound and rhythm that form a challenging frame
               for the harsh male voice and the sometimes brutal, sometimes fair female voice.
               (from CMI' flyer)
               About Sanctum, about industrial-pagan Nordic Spirit and about sanctum of the
               musical creation, our conversation with Jan Carleklev, leader and create of
               - Was there any particular philosophical/esotheric (religious, spiritual
               imaginery) constructions behind the forming of the group?
               In 1994 I and Hakan (Paulsson) started a musical project with focus
               on the visual. We initially worked with musical theatre but we also
               made performances on our own combining music and videoprojection.
               We made a performance where Lena (Robert) worked at the time and We asked
               Lena if she would sing and Lena joined in and Sanctum was formed.
               A few months later Marika (Ljungberg), a friend of Palles, was asked to play
               cello.  It turned out really well and fitted in to the concept.
               Sanctum was complete and the project soon became a band. The idea from the
               begining was to create music without limitations and to make music that you
               want to hear, but can't find in the great musical flow that surround you. Our
               intention all the way is to allow different moods and feelings to
               grow and to somehow comment these feelings with visual elements
               such as video projection, dancing performance and occasionly even
               fire spitting.  And we hope that all theese elements unite into
               someting that can be described as pure Sanctum. So the main reason way Sanctum
               exists is to find an expression for our lives, to filter everything that's
               penatrates our minds.
               We got the deal with Cold Meat Industry on our first gig, it took place in
               Jonkoping, Sweden. Roger Kermanik's (the master of Cold Meat Industry) band
               BDN did also performd that night, Roger had heard some tunes before and he
               tought that it was OK so we started the work with "Lupus in Fabula".
               - Does your living in Sweden influence your creativity?
               It certainly does, but it's difficult to say how. just like in Russia (I
               think) we have the different seasons, in wintertime it is dark and in
               summertime it is light almost the whole day. Sweden is filed with
               contrasts, like I said before that is one of them. Sanctum works very mutch
               with contrasts to bring forth the diffrent modes, to make every mode clear.
               And I think that our musical tradition and history inflects on our music.
               And the landscape of Sweden very quite much, I think that that can
               have some inflect to. And of course The swedish society must have
               some inflect, but I don't know in which way.  But I have to say
               that Sanctum is not a political band.
               - Can you feel a certain Sweden spirit, Nordic Spirit?

               Yes just like I said I think maybe that is the swedish spirit.
               - What is the status of independent creation in your country?

               I think it's high, but it can very different from ages and social belongings.
               - Does your music have any reflection of some definite ideology?

               No definitively not.
               - I think some people would describe your music as a mixture between
               dark-gothic- industrial-ritual-theatrical compositions-elements.
               How would you describe it yourself?

               I think that description would be in accordance with our music but it is
               always difficult to describe once music. We have a ambientdance-meditative
               feeling with some harder industrial parts.
               - Then, what is the cause, on your opinion, of revival interest to dark-scene
               today? By what is aroused your own interest for this kind of music?

               I think almost everyone is seekers these days and the music and everything
               around is a way to practis that search for something. but I think that
               sometimes the music have to stand back for these things around and that is
               sad.  It is the music that's important.  I'm interested in all kind of music.
               - What is the meaning of your creation and musical principle?

               Do this to survive, I have to express myself i one way or another,
               to get everything that goes through your mind out. And to give
               those who listen a new experience.
               - In connect with it, what are the differences between "Lupus In Fabula" and
               your new future release (by their sounds for example)?

               I think that the songs on Sanctums next release would be more homogeneous,
               the music would be minimalistic and raw with live percussions. And the
               vocals and cello will get plenty of room.
               - What is potencial criteria for Sanctum production then?

               It is the variations in influence and how that inflects the music. And that
               we work very hard on the material before we consider it is ready to take
               part in our performance.
               - Thank you, Sanctum, and Good luck!

               Thank you for your interest. We are very glad that you finded "Lupus In Fabula"
               great. I not to much know about Russia and I would like to learn more about
               Russia. I hope that Russia will have the strength to find a way of living
               that's suites them and that everyone can live in a way that's satisfy them. I
               wish everyone on this world that!
               Igor A.Vaganov
               Special for ACHTUNG BABY! (Russia)
               december,3  1996
                Foto by Carin Lederstrom

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