Stahlwerk9: «1905»

(Achtung Baby!, ABCD007, 2006)

Альбом «1905», навеянный фильмом «Броненосец Потёмкин» Сергея Эйзенштейна и посвящённый 100летию со дня первой русской революции, должен положить старт целой серии работ, посвященных «Носферату» Мурнау и «Метрополису» Ланга, «Кабинету доктора Калигари» Вине и мистической фигуре знаменитого Голема…

V/A: "Ten Years of Madness (behind the Iron Curtain)"

(DoTape, unnumbered, 1998)
(DoCD, ABCD001, 2000)

This compilation was the first true experiment in Holy Mother Russia and is dedicated to the 10 year anniversary of one of the first independent musical projects in the Russian media - Achtung Baby! as "ten years of idealism, addiction for strange, extreme cultures in sounds, prints and pictures" (Donna Klemm, Artware Audio, Germany). Released more than 2 years ago it had a colossal success from musical audience both in Russia and all the rest of the world. from the big interest and numerous questions about copies, we got an idea about second edition of "Ten Years of Madness...", updated and perfected

NOVY SVET: "The Flies in dream and in reality"

(CD, ABCD002, 2002)

Russian' special and absolutely magical release from one of the most intrigued group in Europe last years: new old melancholy and best!: you must love it or hate it! C-sides of the
most exciting published, unreleased, rare live and dreaming archive imaginations by Novy Svet, the flies in dream and in reality... Magic! full-length album to 5 year anniversary of the band with great eternal modern cantos, words, sounds, dances and madness; included exclusive godlike puppets from nice Viennese artist Marianne.

STAHLWERK 9: "Oradour"

(CD, ABCD006, 2002)

Recommended industrial sounds in the way of Dagda Mor, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Nocturne, Der Blutharsch, Turbund Sturmwerk and Wappenbund etc. Well known from the track on the DoCD Compilation "Ten Years of Madness..." Heroic dark noise, industrial loops, war samples and pulsating ritual atmospheres. Abwechslungsreich und empfehlenswert!" - notes from MEMBRUM DEBILE PROPAGANDA, catalogue 2001

EUROPAPLAN: "Armes De Vengeans/Vergeltungswaffe"

(CD, ABCD003, 2002)

Europaplan is a new joint project by well-known french group Nocturne and German Axon Neuron/Vagwa long time working in the vein of sonic experiences and archive documents of WWII. The central theme of their new research is a history of creation of the one of legendary German military rackets under the name V2/ document A4.
Uncompromising bubbling "military" industrial and abrasive sounds, obscure war noise outfit, deep rumbling from hell, wrapped in a gristly sleeve, its sound like a true chronic documental soundtrack with lots of sampled voices
in German from the past and wartime narration! Pain & reality. Special original artwork & packaging as usual devoted to explicit images of wars...