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When listening to Inade, one is captivated by the fact that, in the realm of all that is sonically dark and explorative, Inade go to places that even the most vivid dark sonicscape practitioners have yet to traverse. The edge of the universe is but a starting point, the perimeters of unknown dimensions, but launching pads, for the dense, ultra-panoramic creations of Inade's sonic cartographers, Rene Lehmann and Knut Enderlein. Since 1991, they have reveled in the creation of music that is limitless, bound to nothing, not even the fathomless reservoir of imagination that overflows from the minds of its creators....

As they continue to meld the seemingly known (though each of our perceptions of 'the known' may differ greatly, as constructed by each of our personal psychological and sociological inhibitions) with the seemingly unknown (though each of our perceptions of the unknown' may be hampered by denial, by the fear of allowing 'the unknown' any substantial foothold in each of our singular realities), the work of Inade is, ultimately, designed to open doorways into the possible, in which the dark and the light, the past and the future (as well as the 'roiling confluence' of aural impressions gleaned from Aldebaran's vast sonic portfolio), embrace. Because Inade is the key. It's up to the daring listener to unlock the door. The sonic possibilities are infinite:

JC Smith