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SCHWERTTAU (MC, 1992, L.O.K.I. Foundation/Germany)

First edition as double MC BOX with the same titled tapes of DAGDA MOR and INADE, edition of 24 numbered copies, the single tape of this boxset was later re-released in normal snapcase, edition of ca. 100 copies, two tracks less from original version, red and blue covers

BURNING FLESH/SEELENHAIN (2MC, 1993, L.O.K.I. Foundation/Germany)

First edition of 50 numbered copies in video format double tape box (Burning Flesh C45 / Seelenhain C 30), second edition of Burning Flesh material of ca. 50 copies in snapcase, third edition in A6 format package of ca. 250 copies

AXXIARM PLAINS (7" EP, 1995, Drone Records/Germany)

First edition of 250 numbered copies with handpainted covers, second edition of 300 copies with printed black/white covers

ALDEBARAN (CD, 1996, Cold Spring/UK)

First limited edition of 1000 copies in digipack, second edition in jewel case with new design, Russian bootleg edition of probably 500 copies

THE FLOOD OF THE WHITE LIGHT (10", 1997, Malignant/USA)

limited edition of 500 copies

INADE (2MC, 1997)

Private edition of archive and live material that was only given to friends, edition of ca. 60 copies, tracklisting: genius loci I/II, inner sphere resonance, l?age d?or I/II, axxiarm signals (live), zeitenende (live), breaking the walls (live), traumbrecht (live), impulse (live), with the flood to light (live)

TESCO-DISCO (CD, 1998, live, Tesco Organisation/Germany)

Edition of 1000 copies, 4 CD set with the complete TESCO-festivals that took place in 1995, CDs by: ANENZEPHALIA, CON-DOM/GREY WOLVES, SATORI and INADE

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (7", 1998, LOKI foundation, LOKI20, sculptured at Light Channel. Germany The V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 7" was available in 500 copies of BLACK vinyl (to my knowledge) and 100 (not confirmed) copies of GOLD viyl (actual gold looking, not orange or yellow)).


edition of 500 copies

INADE Colliding Dimensions CD-R

This tour CD-R was only available during the COLLIDING DIMENSIONS-North America-Tour in 1999, edition of ca. 120 copies, tracklisting: signals from 68 dimensions I/II, inner sphere resonance, i.r.x. pulsar, with the flood to light (live), vitriol I (live), vitriol II

BURNING FLESH (CD, 2000, LOKI foundation, LOKI24. finally, the re-release of this genius cassette, with four rare bonus-tracks, packed in a nice digi-pack)

Re-release of the same titled tape with bonus material (Genius Loci I-IV; Tat Twam Asi), limited edition

Compilation tracks:

SVINFYLKING - Sturmgeweiht MC (Turbund/Germany)

DEATH OF A BRAIN - Documents I MC (Loki Foundation/Germany)

AQUASHIMA - Documents II MC (Nuit Et Brouillard/France)

HOOGE - Gaskrieg MC (Power And Steel/Germany)

GIHAD KHOR - Seedmouth CD (Cold Spring/UK)

...UND AUCH DER TOD MUSZ LEBEN - Fuck Off We Murder MC (Soffitta Macabra/Italy)

KRAAK JP. V - A STITCH FROM NOWHERE - Natural Order DLP (State Art/Germany)

TRAUMBRECHT - Und Alle Brueder Schweigen LP (TBA/Belgium)


PTOK KALAIDOSCOPE - Circles of Infinity-2MC (Myotis Records/Belgium)

TAT TWAM ASI The Book Of Shadowz LP (Spectre/Belgium)

GENIUS LOCI III - Ten Years of Madness DMC (Achtung Baby!/Russia)

CHERUB - Saturn Gnosis ( 2x10inch vinyl records, LOKI 25 )
A reflection about the German occult lodge Fraternitas Saturni. Exclusive music and words were contributed by: BLOOD AXIS, TURBUND STURMWERK, ENDVRA, INADE, PREDOMINANCE, HERBST9, FIRST LAW, SRP
This limited edition comes with special package and 10inch format booklet.

TRAUMBRECHT - Und Alle Brueder Schweigen 10" (Kapellmeister)


forthcoming releases:


Compilation tracks for MALIGNANT RECORDS (USA) and RELEASE (USA).